Welcome to the Learn to Read Luke Effectively Distance Learning Course! We are very pleased that you want to increase your understanding of the Bible with the help of this course and pray that you will find it exciting and helpful. As in previous courses, our aim is to show how the Bible is the inspired Word of God and interprets itself. In addition, we have tried to provide things of interest for you, whatever your background and knowledge of the Bible.

If you just work your way through the basic course notes with your Bible open you should get a lot out of it. However, please also look at the other course materials. Many of the additional notes are about things we couldnít easily include in the basic notes, but, as we hope you will agree, we couldnít leave out!

The gospel of "Luke" was written so that people could know what Jesus did and taught, and what happened to him. It was written so that people could understand how Jesus fitted in with the Old Testament prophecies relating to Godís plan to save us from death. Effective reading of Luke should challenge us and makes us think about the really important things in life.

As in the first course, we shall be using the New King James Version (1982 version) of the Bible except where otherwise stated.

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