Course content and structure (continued)

Throughout the course we shall use the following symbols:- 

Recommended Bible readings. Click on the Bible icon to bring up a window showing the Bible text. Try it now!

Important points and challenges arising from the study. We hope that you will think seriously about these issues.

Questions to think about before moving on. We would also encourage you to ask your own questions! These could form starting points for further study.

Cross-references which we suggest you look at. These are taken from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. If you have a Bible with other cross-references, look up those references as well.

References where "Echoes" from the verse(s) mentioned may be found. Echoes are links between Bible passages not necessarily indicated by marginal cross-references. If you follow up these echoes it will help you understand what follows.

Information from Young’s and Strong’s Concordances. Part of the entry for the particular word will be displayed if you click on the book icon or on the linked text.

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