Additional Notes and Cross–References

Additional Notes can be found by following the links provided at the appropriate points within the course. Cross references for each chapter of Luke can be found by following the link at the top of the page. Also, where appropriate, individual cross references can be found throughout the course.

Additional notes are further notes on issues arising from the basic study notes. They are referred to at the appropriate point in the notes by the pen and ink symbol. You will find more details of the particular subject by clicking on the symbol or on the linked text.

The first section of the "additional notes" is a "harmony of the gospels". This is a table showing all the events in the life of Jesus recorded in all four gospels as far as possible in chronological order. This is very useful when you want to find out where one event is in relation to another. You may see other versions of this which have minor variations - it is sometimes not easy to be sure where a particular event fits in. You may find it useful to print this "harmony of the gospels" out now so that you have it with you for reference as you study the course.

Cross-references are taken from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. These references will allow you to do your own in-depth study of a particular verse or of a whole chapter if you so wish.

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 1982 is published by Hendrickson ISBN 0-917006-22-4

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