Key to Symbols used

Throughout the course we shall use the following symbols:-

Recommended readings to obtain the full benefit from the course and help you to become more familiar with the Bible.
If you don't have a Bible of your own you can click on the Bible icon and a new window will open displaying the text of the Bible passage suggested.

Major conclusions from the section under study.
Questions to think about for a few minutes before moving on, or as starting points for further study.

Cross Reference

Cross-references which we suggest you look at. These are taken from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. If you have a Bible with other cross-references, look up those references as well.


References where 'Echoes' from the verse(s) mentioned may be found. Echoes are links between Bible passages not necessarily indicated by marginal cross- references. If you follow these echoes up it will help you understand what follows.
Information from Young's and Strong's Concordances. Part of the entry for the particular word will be displayed in a pop–up window, by clicking on the book icon.

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