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In order to get the most out of studying this course from the downloaded version, we suggest that you study the sessions in the order in which they are presented here. You may like to print out this page for reference.

The list below shows the files in the order that the sections are posted out if the postal version of the course is requested. Some of the files are quite large and will take some time to download if you are on a dialup connection. A broadband connection or better is preferable. The files are all in Adobe PDF format and you will need the freely downloadable Adobe Reader in order to read them.

Session 1 (2.09MB), Additional Notes ( 1.54MB),
Cross References
( 1.34MB)

Session 2 (1.2MB)

Session 3 (1.69MB)

Session 4 (693KB)

Session 5 (810KB)

Session 6 (1.48MB), Question sheet 1 (59KB)

Session 7 (1.47MB)

Session 8 (1.65MB)

Session 9 (680KB)

Session 10 (1.02MB)

Session 11 (1.58MB)

Session 12 (1.04MB), Question sheet 2 (57KB)