Outline summary of events

The book of the Acts can be divided into two sections. Firstly, it records the preaching of the gospel to the Jews in the land of Israel. Then it goes on to tell us of the preaching to both Jews and non-Jews in the Roman Empire, which eventually included Europe. As we go through the story we will look at the message that the apostles gave and people’s reactions to it. We will also look at the letters the apostles wrote to the believers they had preached to. This will enable us to see what the first-century apostles taught, and to learn how we should react to their teaching.

To help you find the places mentioned in the book of Acts, you will find several maps in the Additional Notes section. You can access these from the menu at the top of each page. We will refer to these maps at several points in the course.

Also in the Additional Notes section is a "Chronology of the Acts". This is a table showing all the events recorded in the Acts, and is very useful when you want to find out where one event is in relation to another.

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