Course content and structure

If you have already studied our earlier Distance Learning Courses, you may be familiar with most of this section. If that is the case, you can skip this section now and use it as a reference.

Each session will have a summary and suggestions for further optional self-study to help you to understand difficult passages.

This course has various features which you can use to help you study at the level you require:

  • Basic study notes will lead you through a study of Acts and help you to understand the book quickly, but you may miss out on some fascinating insights. Each time a verse is written in italics, the notes following refer to that verse.

Self-study sections are included in the basic study notes. They are enclosed in boxes like the one surrounding this paragraph, and will help you look a little more closely at a particular subject. We will give you some guidance at the end of each session to help you. Please feel free to send your conclusions to your tutor, if you have one, who will be willing to discuss them with you.

  • Questions are included in the basic study notes at the end of each session to help you to think about what you have learned from the session.
  • Additional Notes are available by clickling on the menu at the top of each page.

Additional Notes are further notes on issues arising from the basic study notes. They are referred to at the appropriate point in the notes by the pen and ink symbol. You will find more details of the particular subject by clicking on the linked text.

  • Cross–references are available by clicking the menu at the top of each page.

Cross-references are taken from *The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. These references will allow you to do your own in-depth study of a particular verse or of a whole chapter if you so wish.

*The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 1982 published by Hendrickson ISBN 0-917006-22-4

The following symbols will be used throughout the course:

Recommended Bible readings – click on the Bible logo whenever you see one to see a pop-up window with the Bible text in it. (You will need to have your pop-up blocker set to allow this)

Important points and challenges arising from the study. We hope that you will think seriously about these issues.

Questions to think about before moving on. We would also encourage you to ask your own questions! These could form starting points for further study.


Cross Reference

Cross-references which we suggest you look at. These are taken from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. If you have a Bible with other cross-references, look up those references as well.

Click on the text shown in these boxes to see it in a pop-up window.



References to "Echoes" from the verse(s) mentioned. Echoes are links between Bible passages not necessarily indicated by marginal cross-references. If you follow up these echoes it will help you understand what follows.

Click on the text shown in these boxes to see it in a pop-up window.

Information from Young’s and Strong’s Concordances. Part of the entry for the particular word will be found at the end of the session, or you can click on the book logo to see the definition(s) in a pop-up window.

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